Main Contact

Sarah Woods

PET-MR Physicist




Philips 1.5T MR scanner, 2x Philips 3T MR scanners, Bruker 7T MR preclinical scanner

Preclinical Imaging

Siemens Inveon PET-CT preclinical scanner, 3T MR preclinical scanner, Siemens TrueV PET-CT scanner, Siemens/CTI HRRT PET scanner

Radiochemistry GMP production lab

GMP production laboratory (GE PETtrace cyclotron)

Manufacturing licences (specials and IMP) from the Medicines Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

Radiochemistry Contact

Dr Adam Macmahon

Head of Radiocemistry​

+44 (0) 161 275 0026

Training Contact

Dr William Lloyd

MR Physicist

Shadowing Contact

Amy Watkins

Lead Radiographer (PET-MR)

Radiographer Contact

Amy Watkins

Lead Radiographer (PET-MR)

DPUK MR-PET Partnership | University of Manchester | 27 Palantine Road |Manchester |M20 3LJ |

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