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The Centre has over 25 years of experience of PET(-CT) scanning and has been a pioneer of PET-MR. Over 7000 patients/year are scanned, referred locally and nationally. The Centre performs basic, translational and applied clinical PET research across all specialties including oncology, neurology/psychiatry, and cardiology. The Centre develops PET methodology including for PET-MR and researches cutting-edge radiochemistry using the existing in-house cyclotron. We have built and are validating a new cyclotron and radiochemistry facility, expected to enter service end of 2019. There is multidisciplinary expertise within the PET Centre and the wider School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences and access to preclinical facilities including PET-MR.


King’s College London & Guy’s and St Thomas’ PET Centre

1st Floor Lambeth Wing, St Thomas' Hospital

Westminster Bridge Road

London SE1 7EH

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